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Methane is 25 times more harmful for the climate than CO2, and venting costs Albertans up to $20M a year in lost royalties. Methane regulations on oil and gas are the easiest way to cut dangerous climate pollution without hurting the economy. 

Tell the Alberta government to keep its promise and enforce smart, strong, mandatory methane regulations on industry. 

Sample letter

Dear Premier Notley, Minister Phillips and Minister McCuaig-Boyd,

I support mandatory methane regulations done right and soon. Methane is one of the easiest ways to cut huge levels of greenhouse gas emissions. It also makes our energy products cleaner and more competitive and creates new government revenue.

I support the open letter submitted to you from 16 Alberta organizations: 

Methane regulations are the cheapest way to reduce climate emissions. Cost-effective technology already exists and is currently in use by Albertan companies already in other jurisdictions. Collecting lost royalty revenues from wasted natural gas could pay for critical health, education or other environmental protection services.

The Government of Alberta must continue to deliver their promised climate plan, and ensure that provincial regulations on methane achieve the same or better reductions as the federal rules, create clear and enforceable rules to hold the oil and gas sector accountable, and support the fulfillment of both the provincial and federal commitments to methane reduction from the oil and gas sector.

Mandatory methane regulations need to be done right and soon.


(your name)


Ways to write a great letter

Be clear: government staffers are looking to quickly see if you are for or against an issue.

Keep it short: try and keep it focused on this one issue. 

Make it personal: share your connection to the issue or a personal story. 

Be respectful: remember a real human being is reading them!