Alberta's new methane regulations will fail to achieve 45% target

Alberta’s finalized methane regulations - released on Dec. 13, 2018 - will only achieve a 36% reduction in methane emissions, says five environmental groups. This is well below Alberta’s commitment of a 45% reduction in emissions.

The David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence Canada, Pembina Institute, Clean Air Task Force and Environmental Defense Fund published a press release reviewing the lack of equivalency between Alberta’s new methane regulations and the federal regulations that were released in earlier 2018.

“Based on new comprehensive modelling, Alberta’s methane regulations will allow oil and gas companies to release far greater volumes of harmful methane pollution than if they followed the federal methane regulations enacted earlier this year by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC),” reads the press release.

“In Alberta, the ECCC rules would reduce methane pollution in 2025 by almost 35 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) while the Alberta rules released today will reduce only 22 million tonnes of CO2e.”

Reducing methane emissions is one of the easiest ways to meet carbon reduction commitments. Methane is routinely wasted by venting natural gas. Other jurisdictions have showcased that methane reduction regulations are an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions with existing technology.

“Strong methane reduction regulations exist in several U.S. states, and Mexico recently bolstered its position as a global climate leader by finalizing world-class methane regulations, whilst Alberta’s regulatory proposal falls well short of both industry best practices for methane reduction and its own commitments,” says Shareen Yawanarajah from Environmental Defense Fund.

Read the complete press release.

Jeff Wiehler