5 reasons why Alberta methane regulations don't cut it

Alberta and the federal government are both preparing to reduce methane emissions released by the oil and gas industry by implementing regulations. 

Provinces can develop their own methane regulations if they are able to prove that the provincial regulations will result in the same emission reductions as the federal regulations. 

Alberta's proposed regulations will not deliver the same reductions compared to the federal regulations, says five environmental organizations, including the Pembina Institute and Environmental Defence Canada

In an open letter submitted to the Alberta government, the organizations outline five main reasons why Alberta's regulations will not be equivalent to the federal regulations:

  1. Emission limits per site are high
  2. Oil and gas companies won't be required to check for leaks often
  3. Some equipment is exempt from the rules
  4. Penalties are low and there is little incentives for companies to reduce emissions
  5. Self-policing by oil and gas companies

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Jeff Wiehler