Better modelling needed to effectively reduce methane emissions

The Alberta government is proposing to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025 through its draft methane regulations. But even the first step may be difficult to achieve - measuring where methane emissions are right now.

Methane emissions are difficult to measure from gas wells, pumps, valves and other upstream oil and gas equipment, according to an article published by JWN on April 28.

"One of the problems with methane emissions is that there isn’t a lot of reliable data on what they are now, so until better measurements and estimates are developed, it will be difficult to know if the industry is meeting the new targets," reads the article.

"It’s generally agreed that reducing methane emissions from the natural gas sector could put a significant dent in the industry’s greenhouse gas (GHG) profile, since methane is orders of magnitude worse as a greenhouse gas than CO2."

Read the entire article from JWN.


Jeff Wiehler