Scientists measure methane's increasing greenhouse effect at Earth's surface

Methane has long been suspected to be a powerful greenhouse gas. The models and tests in laboratories have demonstrated that methane can trap heat in the atmosphere. Now for the first time, methane was observed by scientists in the United States increasing the greenhouse effect at the Earth's surface.

The findings were published on April 2, 2018. EurekAlert reported on the results of the 10-year study, which "indicates that the greenhouse effect from methane tracked the global pause in methane concentrations in the early 2000s and began to rise at the same time that the concentrations began to rise in 2007."

As the first direct observations of methane's increasing greenhouse effect outside the laboratory, the findings are a link between methane emissions and climate change.

"The researchers believe this type of direct field observation can provide a more accurate and complete picture of the relationship between atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and their warming effect on Earth's surface."

Read the article on EurekAlert.


Jeff Wiehler