Reducing methane emissions from natural gas leaks is easy

Cutting methane emissions makes sense for the environment. Methane is a greenhouse gas that has a much bigger effect on the greenhouse effect compared to carbon dioxide - in fact, methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Cutting all methane emissions from Canada's industries is impossible. But we can start with the emission sources that are easy.

In 2014, 44% of Canada's methane emissions came from the oil and gas industry. This is the largest source of methane emissions throughout Canada. Emissions from agriculture accounts for 26% of emissions and all other industries emit 22%. As the biggest source of methane emissions, regulating methane emissions in the oil and gas industry offers the biggest opportunity - for the environment and for the industry.

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Leaks from oil and gas equipment accounts for 34% of all methane emissions in Canada's oil and gas industry. Technology exists today to detect and repair leaks. Not only does this cut down on one of the largest sources of methane emissions, but it ensures oil and gas companies collect revenue for an otherwise wasted resource. 

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Natural gas leaks are one of the largest sources of methane emissions. Let's stop wasting natural gas and cut down on leaks.  

More information on the sources of methane emissions in Canada available here.

Jeff Wiehler