Here's how to bring down methane emissions in North America

Methane measurement and leak mitigation efforts are the easiest way to reduce methane emissions throughout North America, reported the Weather Network on Feb. 15, 2018. 

U.S. natural gas production has boomed in the past decade, driving gas prices sharply downward. Natural gas has become a competitive choice for electricity generation, edging out coal. 

Because gas contains less carbon than coal, greenhouse gas emissions from power plants have dropped, and the U.S. grid has become cleaner, more efficient and more flexible. More natural gas is also entering the power sectors in Mexico and Canada.

But the low-carbon profile of natural gas doesn’t tell the whole story. Methane, its primary component, is a powerful greenhouse gas. It leaks to the atmosphere from wells and pipelines, contributing to climate change and reducing the climate benefit of using natural gas.

In November 2014, PBS NewsHour reported that capping methane leaks is a win-win for industry and the environment. Watch their video below:

Jeff Wiehler