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It's time for mandatory methane regulations

The Alberta Government's Climate Leadership Plan is a bold and welcome step to put us in line with the rest of the world. A key part of the plan is to reduce methane emissions—a greenhouse gas 25 times worse for the climate than CO2—but this work isn't done yet. 

Mandatory methane regulations on oil and gas operations are the most cost-effective way to reduce dangerous climate pollution. The Alberta government needs to protect Alberta and get it done right and soon. 


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Protect Alberta's

people, communities, & natural beauty 


Why do we need methane regulations...

Affordable Technology Exists 

Methane regulations are the cheapest way to reduce climate emissions. Cost-effective technology already exists and is currently in use by Albertan companies already in other jurisdictions. Methane fixes do not require new technology and have minimal cost. Stringent regulations will put to work over 200 methane reduction companies in Alberta, including engineering, manufacturing and surveying businesses.  

Others are way ahead of Alberta. Six major oil and gas producing states - Colorado, Wyoming, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, and California—all have strong methane regulations in place. We can't fall further behind. 

Saving Albertans Money 

Industry wastes large amounts of methane—a valuable public resource—leading to lost royalty revenues for all Albertans. Lax methane regulations let industry rob Albertans of royalties—up to $20M a year—that could pay for critical health, education, or other environmental protection services. We need the Government of Alberta to ensure that Alberta’s methane is captured.

We All
Agree on Solutions 

A majority of Albertans want mandatory methane regulations. Recent polling shows 66% of us favour mandatory methane regulations over a voluntary approach. 71% want Alberta’s regulations to be at least as strong as many US States. And 63% don’t want Alberta to continue to allow the intentional venting of methane, wasting a valuable resource.

Even industry agrees methane emissions should be reduced. Ten energy producers including Exxon, Shell, and BP—representing one-fifth of global oil and gas supplies—have made a commitment to work toward "near-zero" methane emissions. 

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