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Energy Efficiency Makes Sense. Let’s

Keep energy efficiency a priority

Energy efficiency makes sense.

Energy efficiency saves Albertans money, creates local jobs and returns $3 in energy savings for every $1 invested. It makes sense.

For Our Homes

In your home, energy efficiency may be as simple as upgrading to a smart thermostat. This is a small change, but adding a schedule for your furnace can save you a few dollars every month off your utility bills.

For Our Communities

Efficiency becomes powerful when we go deeper. Changing the cooling system at a community ice rink saves thousands and adding solar panels provides power for decades.

New jobs are created for Albertans - engineers, retailers, manufacturers and contractors. Businesses save money off their utility bills.

Saving energy is cheaper than generating new energy. The costs to generate and distribute your energy utilities is more than the costs of saving electricity.

For Our Environment

Energy efficiency makes fiscal sense and is an achievable approach to reduce our province’s greenhouse gas emissions.

For Alberta

As a province, we spend less to heat and run our homes and businesses so we can spend more on what is important. We can work in new jobs in our communities. Investments into energy efficiency have a return for every community in our province.

It makes sense for Alberta.

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Why energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency creates savings that exceed the costs of the investment. For every dollar invested into energy savings, $3 is returned to the Alberta economy. This is a worthy investment into Alberta’s businesses and homes.

Energy generation – from fuels and renewable sources – and transmission is projected to cost more than saving energy. Energy efficiency can compete against more expensive generation options to deliver electricity and natural gas. This advantage means Albertans could save $1 billion in energy costs every year from energy efficiency.

Albertans and our businesses save money. Energy efficiency can reduce home energy bills by as much as 50% through deep energy retrofits. Reducing energy costs enables our businesses to be more competitive.

Saves money

For communities in every corner of our province, energy efficiency creates local jobs. More than 3,600 jobs have been created in the energy efficiency sector since 2017. This year, the national energy efficiency sector is expected to grow by 8.3%.

Creates jobs

It makes sense for Alberta. Economic models show that energy efficiency can boost the provincial GDP by an average of $5.1 billion a year between now and 2030.

Good for Alberta

Energy efficiency makes fiscal sense and is an achievable approach to reduce our province’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Good for our environment

Our open letter

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